Aerie Collection Was Originally Designed By Iskra

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Welcome to Iskra Design! I am a full time calligrapher and lettering craftsman. I make custom hand lettering, penmanship and calligraphy for publicizing, article configuration, book covers and bundling. The work on my site is novel lettering configuration made for customers or for portfolio ventures. Here you will discover bespoke custom letterforms, not textual styles. Read here about the distinction amongst text styles and custom lettering.

In my portfolios I have made an inside and out asset for the individual looking for one of a kind articulation through letterforms. You will discover accumulations assembled here by style and by application. The Project class is the place you will see lettering and calligraphy connected in print or other media. A few classifications cover, so you may discover portfolios rehashed in a couple of spots. My most current work is normally posted on my blog, Alphabet Roadtrip.

If you don’t mind investigate my reality. It is safe to say that you are searching for help outlining a logo? I adore working with organizations and business people to make a remarkably culminate personality. Do you have a book cover that requirements to put forth a ground-breaking expression? I make custom title and writer marking for real distributing houses and independents and writers distributing their first book. Need a crisp search for a bundling plan? I cherish finding the voice for an item that influences its image to remain over the group.

Call me and how about we talk. I’d love to perceive how we can cooperate to make something wonderful!

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